Cheesesteak Attack

TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

I’m sitting in my office, minding my business when WHAM.

Cheesesteak Attack

And it’s bad. I absolutely must have a cheesesteak sandwich within the next 20 minutes or bad things will happen, real bad. I could hit a shop like Great Steak and Potato Whatnot’s… But I’ve had more enjoyable dentist appointments…… much more.
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So off to the store with the lightning quickness. Oh crap, it’s lunchtime, and that means mid-day senior shoppers. Senior shoppers cannot operate self checkout any better than they drive. Luckily, I avoid them. I’m able to make it out of the store with my loaf of bread, steaks, provolone, onion and banana peppers without incident. Quick too!

Back home and frozen steaks (3) into the pan, loaf sliced and cleared. You know, where you claw out the inside, the actually “bready” part. This sandwiches name doesn’t have bread in it, does it? No. Cheese. Steak.

It’s important (at least to me) to well done the steak and add some salt and pepper. I also add some onion, and banana peppers. Right before it is done, push the whole mess into an oblong oval and top with provolone (I know real steaks come with Whiz, but I like provolone… most of the time). Let that melt, just like your cooking a cheeseburger. Slide the whole thing into your waiting, slightly warmed bun.

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I’m not a terribly religious person, but after eating this sandwich, I’m pretty sure I saw jesus.

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