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TheFoodAss | General | Monday, May 14th, 2007

You order a 2 pizza’s, and breadsticks, and want it delivered. Your house is 6 miles one-way from the pizza shop. The total bill is $26.05.

Now if you were at the local JohnnyChiliBee’s you would pay at least a  $3.90 tip (15%) to your server on a $26.05 tab. That waitress works hard for her money, she took your order, walked 6 feet and plugged it into a computer. 8 minutes later she filled your drinks once, and then someone else… A “Foodrunner” brought you your food. When you needed Tabasco, the foodrunner got that too. The waitress checks on you once more, and refills your drinks again. She probably just earned a $3.95 tip (to round it off to $30) for her approximately 4 minutes of work.

Now, how the crap is it appropriate to NOT tip the person who quite literally risks their life in one of the most dangerous jobs in America, driving 6 miles each way, spends their own gas money, and takes 10 minutes of their time to bring you $26.05 worth of pizza.

I delivered 17 orders Saturday night, 9 people tipped me. W T F.


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