Twice now SD Card’d!

TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Twice now, for two seperate new posts I have been decimated by crappy SD card. Photo’s take, instant review and they are there, and then later, gone. I am switching cards back and forth a lot between 2 different cameras (still, and video) and they don’t seem to like it. I need to remember to format before each use in each device.

Anyway, the only thing I made that was worthwhile was this stuffed chicken breast jam for girlfriend. Pretty simple, I stuffed it with a smidge of goat cheese, and some tomato, and basil (I think?) and grilled the crap out of it. I thought it sucked, she said she loved it. I hate stuffed meat, she doesn’t. At least it seemed to make her happy!

Oh what else? erm.

Oh yea! We hit the beach, and then hit Sam’s Joint, a local chain with good ribs (supposedly, I’ve never been impressed) and an otherwise giant menu. (specialist in none sorta thing). This time though, I tried the St Louis style smoked ribs, instead of their “Famous” baby back bbq style jams. They were pretty good. I do not eat alot of bbq type meat and wish I did. It was good. Their sauce is mostly HFCS, that sucks.

OH! the other set of photo’s I lost was from the Ottawa tavern. A new (sorta) restaurant here in GR. It used to be called the BITE, and was smarmy with expensive martini’s and mean people. The owners re-did the joint with a whole new outlook. Now everything is under $5, beer is real cheap (like $1.50-$3.50) and there is a crapload of TV’s. I hate the TV’s, a lot, but the cheap beer, and 60 hamburger topping choice for $4.95 I’m totally down with. Now that I can sit outside, and avoid the TV’s and the fricken game, I’m there. I had snaps, I lost them. My bad.

I’m also working 25ish hours at the pizza store + my regular 40hr day job. 65 hour weeks weeee! Jimmy Johns > Cooking, this week.
This post is pointless without pics! yar!

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