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TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Yup! It’s freaking BLOWING crazy snow outside, your pissed off because your car doesn’t start when it snows, you gotta pee real bad, and your RAGING hungry. Let’s make a meal using nothing that isnt from a bag. Completely the opposite of my usual take on culinary preparation. But, like I said, I need food now… lest my day completely obliterates itself into the realm of worthless. Leaving me to completely write it off for tommorow.

Anyhow, check my bag food:

Library - 3502.jpg

Garden Medley microwave vegetables, a tuna-bag, and backpacking mashed potatoes. In total, were staring down the barrel of about 500 calories, 4g fat and a ton of protein, for the whole meal. Lets get reheating!

Uh Hu:

Library - 3506.jpg

31 seconds in the microwave + 3 min in the microwave + the time it takes to boil 1 cup of water and:

Library - 3509.jpg

Not the best. Certainly not the worst, and lightyears ahead of a KFC Twister rap I coulda grabbed on the way home. The only bummers are that the tuna bag’s are WAY to heavily seasoned. This jam was lemon-pepper, and it is LEMON pepper. I guess they try to cover up the fact that the tuna filet is from a bag, or something.

The garden veggies are tricky too. You see, they have these little frozen seasoning chips in the bag, and if you dont cook the whole thing, it is hard to get the proportion of veggies to chips correct. My veggies ended up way dry and under-seasoned. I didn’t use enough chips :( Oh well, Tabasco can mend a broken heart, it can certainly fix veggies. Prolly even solve world peace, if the european pallet wasn’t so girly.

I’ve even got dessert! 2 mini york’s, 6 minutes in the freezer please! Oh snap, I think i’m schussing down the mountain in 18inches of pow. Refreshed!

Library - 3511.jpg

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