The Zenith Of Nacho’s

TheFoodAss | Recipes | Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

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To tell you the truth, I most often am not pleased with the things I cook and the ideas I come up with for meals. Most of the time they taste decent, and the girlfriend says she “Love’s it so much” but there is always something missing to me. Not Tonite.

The clock was nearing 4p and I had not a single idea as what to prepare for dinner this evening. It was warm outside though, sunny even. The tree’s are starting to turn green and it feels like spring time. Spring time reminds me of Mexico, South America, and beyond. Spring time is not a time for weak flavors. Mexicamerican it was decided. Nacho’s, or Tostada dinner. At Kingma’s market I bought a half pound of ground round, it was lookin good. I also snagged a tomato, head of lettuce (for Tostada’s) and some Asadero cheese.

Back in my kitchen I find that we have 3 almost empty bags of chips (Blue Organic, El Matador, Whole Grain), a bag of shredded cheddar and of course, some pickled jalepenos.

It’s spring time though. I want to be outside. Hmm, Nacho’s on the grill! Here is where it get’s rad. If you read this blog often you will know that my favorite things on the planet are, Cast Iron, Grills, and erm, a buncha other stuff. But I LOVE cast-iron and grills… And Nachos too, let’s combine them!

Chop chop, dice dice, grate grate, here are the ingredients.

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I also browned the meat, and smashed the crap out of it with a fork so it was extra fine. Now, to the grill. Grill on high and my fav century old cast iron pan on the grates. I want to let it get hot. My idea is that the hot cast pan will help melt the cheese in the center before everything on top burns. So let it heat up. Now, layer of chips, cheese and some meat (if your so inclined) and repeat. Then tomato’s and jalepenos. It look’s like this:

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I closed the lid and let it get uber hot. Like 500 degree’s. Take-that OVEN! When I returned, oh my, magic on my grill.

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Why are you so awesome cast-pan grill nacho’s?

  • Heat. Lots = tasty everything. Oven’s are weak.
  • Cast = Keep’s things warm at the table
  • Entertainment value. Weak appetizers stand no chance against the behemoth decimation pan of flavor.

And a bunch of other reasons. The cheese on the edges carmelizes a bit and develops a wonderful flavor. The veggies brown a touch, as do the chips. So awesome. Best thing I’ve made this spring no doubt.

75lbs of Mozz

TheFoodAss | General | Monday, April 23rd, 2007

75lbs of Mozz


Extreme Peanut Butter Cup

TheFoodAss | General | Saturday, April 14th, 2007

So we hit our favorite bistro type jam down in Saugatuck, and while waiting we went to the fudge shop. We picked up these EXTREME peanut butter cups. They are like twice the size of a Reeses Big Cup and $3.50 each. Wow.

Food - 126.jpg

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The only bummer is, the majority of all that mass is made up of hard chocolate. Not enough Peanut Butter for me. Way intense though. Oh by the way, that’s not my diet soda. Yuck, diet soda = death.

BagelBread Panini

TheFoodAss | General | Friday, April 13th, 2007

Well, say you do have half a box of crappy bagel bread. At least you can make a decent chicken panini with it. The bread tastes ok after being doused in flavored oil and press grilled to oblivion.

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Everything From Bags

TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Yup! It’s freaking BLOWING crazy snow outside, your pissed off because your car doesn’t start when it snows, you gotta pee real bad, and your RAGING hungry. Let’s make a meal using nothing that isnt from a bag. Completely the opposite of my usual take on culinary preparation. But, like I said, I need food now… lest my day completely obliterates itself into the realm of worthless. Leaving me to completely write it off for tommorow.

Anyhow, check my bag food:

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Garden Medley microwave vegetables, a tuna-bag, and backpacking mashed potatoes. In total, were staring down the barrel of about 500 calories, 4g fat and a ton of protein, for the whole meal. Lets get reheating!

Uh Hu:

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31 seconds in the microwave + 3 min in the microwave + the time it takes to boil 1 cup of water and:

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Not the best. Certainly not the worst, and lightyears ahead of a KFC Twister rap I coulda grabbed on the way home. The only bummers are that the tuna bag’s are WAY to heavily seasoned. This jam was lemon-pepper, and it is LEMON pepper. I guess they try to cover up the fact that the tuna filet is from a bag, or something.

The garden veggies are tricky too. You see, they have these little frozen seasoning chips in the bag, and if you dont cook the whole thing, it is hard to get the proportion of veggies to chips correct. My veggies ended up way dry and under-seasoned. I didn’t use enough chips :( Oh well, Tabasco can mend a broken heart, it can certainly fix veggies. Prolly even solve world peace, if the european pallet wasn’t so girly.

I’ve even got dessert! 2 mini york’s, 6 minutes in the freezer please! Oh snap, I think i’m schussing down the mountain in 18inches of pow. Refreshed!

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