Snowy Day Waffles

TheFoodAss | General | Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Last week mother nature gave us a taste of spring… 40 degrees and sunny. It was practically heaven on earth after almost a solid month of sub ten degree temps and epic snowfall.

And then she wupped my ass, again. 40 mile an hour winds, and 6 inches of snow overnight. I just want fricken spring time! Bike rides and blueberries and all that stuff. The only thing that makes a snowy morning semi decent is waffle day. Cold outside, golden brown and wonderful inside.

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I’m a traditionalist. I enjoy my waffles with a little butter, and some maple syrup (real of course, you didn’t think otherwise, right?)

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Unless you live down south, or in Belgium I guess. Waffles are best as an occasional treat, at least to me. They arent the best breakfast to start the day. Lots of simple carbos, and simple sugars (maple syrup!). But every now and then? On snowy mornings? Oh man, you can’t go wrong with some waffles.

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Satay Ya So Good

TheFoodAss | General | Friday, March 2nd, 2007

The girlfriend wanted chicken, real bad. You see, normally she isnt a big meat eater, but last weekend she was food poisoned by the Ikea Cafe (she says, I doubt it). Nonetheless she hasnt really eaten anything since Saturday (today is Thursday). Finally yesterday she starts to get hungry, and practically demands chicken, she wants something teriyaki like…


No really, barf me up a wall. So after job #1 I am wandering around the market trying to think of something to cook. I decide that by teriyaki, she REALLY means semi asian fusion flavors, and I’m down with that.

So I pick up this packet of seasoning.. I’m not usually a packet kinda guy, but I was in a rush, and we have no ginger or many asian flavorings at all for that matter. So a packet it is. (No MSG, no weird stuff in the ingredient list, just seasonings).

Mix the packet up with 2 tbsp veggie oil, and into a zip-loc with about .75lbs of chicken breast. Change my clothes, take a shower, internets a bit and it’s time to warm the grill. Oh, that’s right, this is the first meal on the new grill…. and it is awesome. Chicken on some skewers, which by the way, were a gift from her mom. They are non-stick, which I am kind of afraid of, but they do an absolutely elegant job.
You can take it from here I suppose. I also skewered some onion chunks, and green peppers. Chopped an avocado, filled some waters and all that business.

Pretty tasty…. pret-ty-tast-ty.

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Be Polite

TheFoodAss | General | Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Listen. If someone sucks, or your food sucks, or whatever, be polite. Just because the Subway lady sucks at life, doesnt give you the right to be mean to her. There are nice ways of taking care of issues without treating a person like total crap.

If you need to get your anger out, write a strongly worded letter to the manager, or even better, make a blog about it. That way 15 of your internets friends can read all about it.

In general, be more polite in your day to day activities. You don’t NEED a foot long cold cut trio ok? You would LIKE a foot long cold cut trio.

“Ya” does not make for a proper greeting… Hello is only 1 more syllable… try using it.
If someone tells you to have a nice day, tell them the same. If they don’t tell you to have a nice day… tell them to have one anyway. Be fricken nice, it goes a long way.


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