TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

I was in Boulder over the weekend. It was pretty fun and I ate some goodies not readily available around here:

  • Buffalo Fajitas. Really, really good, lots of Buffalo meat out there it seems.
  • Boar Quesadilia. Ok, the boar was kinda tuff, tasted like duck/pork or something.
  • Peanut Butter dog treats. Tasted JUST like Ritz Bitz, just less greasy. No lies.
  • Jamba Juice. No smoothie shops here, I don’t know why, but there isnt. I got my light something or other with a performance boost every morning, it was rad.

I don’t have photo’s. My bad. I am a little hesitant to bring a camera, and take photo’s of my food in new places… I get lots of funny looks.

Supposedly there is a dude out there that sells Elk jerky from the back of a van. Unfortunately for us, we didnt spot him the entire weekend. If anyone has any back of van Elk jerky, please let me know.


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