Ace Whole Wheat Baguette

TheFoodAss | General | Sunday, February 25th, 2007

I was always confused by these Ace Bakery loafs.. They said baked fresh daily for your store (My store!)… But then the back of the bag says baked fresh daily in Toronto, (About 6 hours from my store). Do they bring them all that way each day? Their website says it again, “Baked fresh daily in Toronto”.. WTF? Who bakes baguettes that far from the consumer. There is no way they could sell enough Baguettes daily to justify a 12 hour round trip delivery. They have to be par-baked or something right?

After two years of research and development, ACE launches a partially baked Baguette at an independent fine food retailer – partially baked at ACE, frozen and shipped to the retailer to finish the baking.

Ahh, yup. “Baked fresh daily in Toronto” is kind of a scam then isn’t it? Oh well, they taste good. Picked up a whole wheat jam the other day to try whole-wheat garlic bread. It was pretty good.

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My local bakeries favorite past time is selling out of ALL product well before I can get there, so it’s Par-baked Canadian bread for me! This stuff is REALLY dense… it hurts my ol’ jaw bone.

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