A Proper Breakfast

TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

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Back when I was fat, I NEVER ate breakfast. It was a 2-3 times a year event that I had ANY breakfast related food whatsoever, and even then, it was after noon, and after 14 beers.

When I decided to get skinny last year, I knew I would have to start eating breakfast. That also meant getting up for work 10 minutes or so earlier. Which, I’ll tell you what -  Is easier said than done when your 40 pounds overweight, don’t sleep properly, and in general - your body hates you. Nonetheless I was able to start eating cereals, nice tasty organic cereal. Breakfast became an integral part of my day, and now, I absolutely cannot miss it. Even if it is just a handful of granola on my way out the door. I need SOMETHING.

Well last week, I decided I was going to take my morning eating adventures up a notch… bam! Today I put together a whole wheat english muffin, along with a folded egg and swiss, and 2 small patties of turkey sausage + some tabasco. This little sandwich seems to have met my breakfast goals. I wanted more fiber (muffin) more fat (sausage, egg, cheese) and more protein (sausage, egg, cheese again). It does have a good amount of fat, but the turkey sausage helps that out a bit. All in all, I estimate at about 450 calories. I would prefer to get about 600 or so, which is why I also enjoyed half a glass of Bolthouse farms smoothie.

Totally ready to start my day, now if I only had anything exciting to do :(

Grill Day!

TheFoodAss | General | Monday, February 26th, 2007

Mint! I got my grill a day before DHL said it was supposed to arrive. After talking to the delivery dude about condo living, and being bummed because I hadn’t snagged a propane tank yet, I put the thing together.

It was pretty easy.

The cast-iron grates are epic.

Gonna be some MEAN eats cooked up in here soon, I’ll tell you what!

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Ace Whole Wheat Baguette

TheFoodAss | General | Sunday, February 25th, 2007

I was always confused by these Ace Bakery loafs.. They said baked fresh daily for your store (My store!)… But then the back of the bag says baked fresh daily in Toronto, (About 6 hours from my store). Do they bring them all that way each day? Their website says it again, “Baked fresh daily in Toronto”.. WTF? Who bakes baguettes that far from the consumer. There is no way they could sell enough Baguettes daily to justify a 12 hour round trip delivery. They have to be par-baked or something right?

After two years of research and development, ACE launches a partially baked Baguette at an independent fine food retailer – partially baked at ACE, frozen and shipped to the retailer to finish the baking.

Ahh, yup. “Baked fresh daily in Toronto” is kind of a scam then isn’t it? Oh well, they taste good. Picked up a whole wheat jam the other day to try whole-wheat garlic bread. It was pretty good.

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My local bakeries favorite past time is selling out of ALL product well before I can get there, so it’s Par-baked Canadian bread for me! This stuff is REALLY dense… it hurts my ol’ jaw bone.

Oh Snap, New Grill!

TheFoodAss | General | Friday, February 23rd, 2007

So, a LONG time ago I made a post about choosing a grill. In that post I was debating between a Weber Kettle, A Weber Performer (Kettle + Cart and goodies) and an EVO Flat Top crazy mongolian BBQ style grill.

Well, a few things have changed since then. Most importantly, my grill is going to be stored, and used within an interior courtyard of my condo building. Our courtyard is completely rad, but some people have balconies, and doors and windows off the space. As much as I hate to admit it, using a charcoal grill in this space is kinda iffy. Now listen here, I’m no grill wussy. I carried a Weber smokey joe in the trunk of my car, loaded with charcoal for like 2 years. I LOVE the coal, and that’s how I prefer to roll. But a big plume of smoke from a chimmney starter and the associated initial charcoal smoke fest is not the most neighborly thing to do.

So gas it is.

Crtieria number #2. It has to be small. Our condo is small, our courtyard is small, my car is small. I love small stuff. My grill cannot be an overgrown stainless behemoth dedicated to the overcooking of disgusting HFCS drowned “chicken” breasts and super-tough beef chunks. No way. I need something smaller, but with enough room for 4-6. I am all about an efficient lifestyle, and using less to do more and all that. I don’t need no 300lb’s of stainless to prove I’m a manly dude that can cook some meat. In fact, I think those giant grills almost always seem to prove the opposite. GIANT grills are retarded. (Unless you have a 55gal drum cut in half with 100lbs of charcoal, and a pig on it, or a cow, and your parked on the corner, that’s totally A+ in my book)

So. I snagged a Weber Q 300. It appears to have everything I could want, and nothing more. It’s a Weber, so SOLID. Cast Iron grates for that heat storing thang. Dual burners to get my indirect on and that’s that. It has folding plastic shelves to keep it small, and it is not giant. Looks good. I ordered from Amazon for a cool $299. Certainly more $$ than a cheap Fiesta or Char Broil (Both of which I have owned in the past, nothing against them)

I can’t wait til it gets here. DHL is telling me monday. As soon as It does, I am totally going to have an Engadget style unboxing and COMPLETE review. I am super pumped. No more caustic-condo-ULTRA-smoke-fest indoor cast-iron steak dinner nights. Totally going outdoors. Bonus, it was 30 degrees today, spring, spring!

Kettle Before Kettle Was Cool

TheFoodAss | General | Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

No seriously, Krunchers are not really “Kettle Chips” or at least, they dont want you to think they are. Krunchers hit the market well before the majority of mass-market kettle style chips overtook the shelves. I can remember in the way back, riding my bike down the street to the corner gas station. We would pick up cans on the way there, and when we got to the store, we’d turn them in for .10cents each (Michigan). We’d use the cash to buy beef sticks, candy cigarettes and Krunchers.


Still today, up against the immense krunchy chip competition we know as the Kettle revolution. Krunchers stand tall with a unique solid crunch, and flavor. Jays has been doin the three ingredient thing since WELL before it was cool. In fact, back in the 90’s wasn’t the food better the more preservatives it contained? (Or was that the 50’s? whatever)
They may be a regional thing (Jays is based in Chicago). But if you are not from the midwest, try to snag a bag if you can. Or online here.

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