Hard to post, smacked in eye.

TheFoodAss | General | Friday, January 19th, 2007

I took a racquetball to my right eye, direct hit. It sucked, it still sucks and it hurts. Should be back in action this weekend.

So Subway Has Kettle Chips

TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Finally. I eat at Subway a lot, because it is cheap, and not burger king (I work in strip mall johnnyapplechotzkies central). I HATED their selection of chips (still do), and I refuse to eat a sandwich with out a little crunch and salt. My pal Luke told me that his local Subway is now carrying a Lay’s variety of Kettle Cooked chips, pumped to enjoy lunch again I’m off to my local independentally owned franchise…. yes, there is the sign for them “CRUNCH” it says…. but no chips :(

Off to the second independentally owned and registered trademark of Doctors Associates Inc.. location.. The sign! the chips! Both in-tact and available. So I pick up a bag, deal with the monkeys and get a sub.

The back of the bag has a fricken kettle cooked story (like ALL kettle chips) but I find it hard to believe that Fritolay Inc handmade my chips in small batches with lovingly sliced potatoes.. WTF? Who believes that? It’s fricken Fritolay, they are HQ’d in Texas…. there is no love in Texas anywhere.

They are not bad for mass-produced chips, much better than my only choice before. Subway still sucks. I got overcharged, again.

I love chips

TheFoodAss | General | Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Right? You all know that already, I LOVE chips. Did I tell you the story of the time I bought a 3lb carton of Grandma Utz Kettle chips (Cooked in real lard like REAL kettle chips). That was awesome.

Anyway, I love chips, but THESE guys take it to the next level when it coms to chips and salty snacks. Superb resource.



TheFoodAss | General | Monday, January 15th, 2007

Probably actually middle-eastern, but I forget who stole what from who when. Forgot what this was, it was on special. It involves lamb, spices, tzatziki and so on, but was MUCH milder than a gyro.

Food - 59.jpg

Trying random new things on special = the right way to eat

Another second job, totally food related.

TheFoodAss | General | Sunday, January 14th, 2007

Sometimes I like to pick up a second job, in addition to my day job, and my other job. Last year I worked for a while delivering pies for Papa Johns, I know, seriously. It wasnt actually that bad working for THE MAN though, and of all the huge pizza chains, I still prefer Papa Johns. It isn’t the Hut afterall.

Anyway, I need some extra bucks and delivering pies is a totally fun way to make some (They pay better than IT jobs at public schools, true story). I got a job at a local pizza chain, they have like 8 restaurants in the GR Metro area. It is kind of neat because I am totally into food, and they sorta actually MAKE food there. In fact, in my first 3 days, in between deliveries, I’ve made meatballs from real meat, sausage, dough from flour and yeast and things and sauce from tomatoes. I get down with that. Unfortunately, they dont have the same amount of deliveries going on as the ultra-chains, and to a driver, that sucks. People seem to prefer their ultra-processed silicone cheese and cinnamon bread type substance. The store is new, and I’m hoping business picks up. I want to money for a new rally project I am working on, and an HD cam so I can make thefoodass a total video blog.

More posts from pizza land for sure, it’s food related, and some of the people I deliver to are CRAZY.

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