TheFoodAss | General | Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

I usually don’t rock out at Williams-Sonoma, it is so UBER UBER crazy go nuts expensive it blows my mind. I really enjoy reading the catalogs and looking at the pretty pictures though. This christmas I got a gift card to the store, and we went this weekend to pick up some new kitchen items. $30 doesnt usually go a long way here, perhaps a bag of pasta, or a jar of sauce or some corn pokers or something… But this week they were having a bit of a clearance-table deal. I picked up this book “Indoor Grilling” for $5. You don’t have to be much to impress me for 5 bucks, and this book certainly is not the end all be all of indoor direct heat application. It does have pretty pictures, and some good ideas, I really like pretty pictures.

Library - 2790.jpg

I am trying this on for size tommorow afternoon, after the marinade is done.

Library - 2791.jpg

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