Baked Ziti

TheFoodAss | Recipes | Sunday, January 28th, 2007

But not really, it was actually some other pasta, but close. I think penne.
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Back in the day I used to LOVE eating at Sbarro. You know, in your local malls food court. I distinctly remember eating Sbarro baked ziti in the basement of the Javits Center during Macworld 1998 (I think?). That hot chick that used to write for MacAddict was there too, umnf unmf!

Anyway, I found this Sbarro Baked Ziti copycat recipe. I gave it a whirl, and it is PRETTY close. Usually I despise copycat recipes. I mean they are usually off a decent amount, and why not just go there and buy it. I find cooking at home to USUALLY cost equal or more than eating out in the first place. I can see if you have a family of 8 that would not be the case, but for two people… anyway, I’m getting off topic.

I used regular marinara sauce instead of the garlic type like the recipe stated. I found it to taste less overpowering. I also use more sauce, and bake for an extra 10 or so minutes without the tin foil covering the dish. I like my cheese browned on top a little, you know?

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