Fajita Day

TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Man o man. Sorry for the lack of anything awesome this week. Last wednesday a friend of mine.. Little Joe and I were playing racquetball. I was bringing the pain on his skills when he decided to return-serve the ball directly into my eye. Lucky for me I was wearing glasses, and although they actually smashed my peeper, it saved my eye. It sucked alot, and hurt.

All better now though! And this monday we hit up Chili’s… yes, Chili’s, for Fajita day! Every monday they sell you a double order of Fajitas for $11, and frozen margaritas (my girlfriends favorite) for $2.50. Now, I may be a total ass about food, but I certainly have a sliding scale of ass to price ratio, and $11 for two for fajitas outweighs going to Chili’s. They are usually pretty decent too, AND they make their own tortilla chips. Especially fun on Monday’s since they go through so many of them, they are usually hot hot hot.

If your in GR stick to the 28th st franchise… The beltline will ruin your life. barf.

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