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TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

So yesterday I posted about that book I got for $5. Well, one of the recipes was this tasty looking avocado salad with cajun chicken. It looked real good and the picture was nice and shiny to catch my eye. So last night I hit up Meijer and bought some supplies, I changed the recipe around a little bit to make them into a sort of gyro-inspired chicken pita thing. I made the “salad” portion using:

  • Avocado (REAL thin little slices)
  • Tomato
  • Red Onion (THIN)
  • Red Pepper
  • Lemon Juice
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Petter (no, Pepper, lol, whats on my mind?)

I chopped it all up and LIGHTLY tossed it around. I didnt want to mash up those avocado’s. It looked like this:

Library - 2795.jpg

Tons of color! It’s like saying “Hey man, I know it is 4 degrees out, but it’s fricken summertime up in here!”

Chicken breast was super easy. Apply sea salt, apply lots of Penzey’s cajun seasoning (or your own, or your favorite big bubba cajunarama season2000). Into the hot cast iron 5 minutes + 4 the other side. Depends on the size of your chicken though. I had to toss mine into a 350deg oven for a few because it was MASSIVE. Smoked up the condo something fierce, we don’t have a grill yet. That would certainly be the ideal place for this type of activity.

Heat heat, rest rest, slice slice and it looks like this:

Library - 2796.jpg
Oh, don’t forget to warm those pita’s first.

My girlfriend is big on sauce, like all sorts of sauces, she is a sauce person. She was pumped that these we so really good, and flavorful without a “sauce”. It’s the avocado slices, those wonderful monosaturated fats put crappy sauce in it’s place. Boom!


TheFoodAss | General | Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

I usually don’t rock out at Williams-Sonoma, it is so UBER UBER crazy go nuts expensive it blows my mind. I really enjoy reading the catalogs and looking at the pretty pictures though. This christmas I got a gift card to the store, and we went this weekend to pick up some new kitchen items. $30 doesnt usually go a long way here, perhaps a bag of pasta, or a jar of sauce or some corn pokers or something… But this week they were having a bit of a clearance-table deal. I picked up this book “Indoor Grilling” for $5. You don’t have to be much to impress me for 5 bucks, and this book certainly is not the end all be all of indoor direct heat application. It does have pretty pictures, and some good ideas, I really like pretty pictures.

Library - 2790.jpg

I am trying this on for size tommorow afternoon, after the marinade is done.

Library - 2791.jpg

Tiny Tiny Water Cups

TheFoodAss | General | Monday, January 29th, 2007

Since I drink nothing but water (and beer) I am often seen asking for simply an ice, or tap water with my out and about meal. I prefer the cool refreshing life-giving taste of water to the ULTIMATE death supplying HFCS fueled mega cup anyday. I’ve noticed something though, with thousands of glasses of restaurant water having been consumed by myself over the past year or so… Water cups are getting TINY.

In a kind of F YOU for not buying their $2.00 soda or coffee, small restuarants and sandwich joints seem to be resizing their water glasses smaller and smaller. Take a look at this Panera cup… It is seriously 4 ounces. 4. Obviously Panera is the devil, so what do I expect? I wouldnt be eating there anyway, so this one doesnt affect me much, but still, that thing is TINY. I had to snag 4 of them when I got force gift-carded into a Panera sandwich and suburban hell onslaught.

Example number 2. A local coffee shop, who happens to make excellent sandwiches. Actually, I could say this example is for any one of three downtown coffee shops that happen to make good sandwiches. All of them offer up 6 ouce or less water cups.


I guess I understand if they dont want to give me one of their nice, printed, waxy .08 cent cups they would usually use for soda or something, I mean those do cost something that they are not recouping with my free water. But I did just spend $6.99 for a sandwich, it isnt like I am loitering around and being a trash-hole of a person using free wifi and sipping water…

But ultimately, I think people are becoming more health conscious. Perhaps people want to spend money on nice sandwiches, maybe a cookie or something, and enjoy a TALL refreshing glass of water. Sometimes, if at certain establishments who have meal’s and lunch specials with a soda, I just snag that. And fill my large soda cup with water instead.

Ultimately, I’d like to see an approach similar to Jimmy Johns . If I ask, I get a free baby sized cup for my water, but for an extra .10cents I can purchase a big ol monster cup. I’m cool with that. .10cents if worth it to me, so I dont have to get up every three minutes, and interupt my non-linear eating system.

Baked Ziti

TheFoodAss | Recipes | Sunday, January 28th, 2007

But not really, it was actually some other pasta, but close. I think penne.
Library - 2767.jpg

Back in the day I used to LOVE eating at Sbarro. You know, in your local malls food court. I distinctly remember eating Sbarro baked ziti in the basement of the Javits Center during Macworld 1998 (I think?). That hot chick that used to write for MacAddict was there too, umnf unmf!

Anyway, I found this Sbarro Baked Ziti copycat recipe. I gave it a whirl, and it is PRETTY close. Usually I despise copycat recipes. I mean they are usually off a decent amount, and why not just go there and buy it. I find cooking at home to USUALLY cost equal or more than eating out in the first place. I can see if you have a family of 8 that would not be the case, but for two people… anyway, I’m getting off topic.

I used regular marinara sauce instead of the garlic type like the recipe stated. I found it to taste less overpowering. I also use more sauce, and bake for an extra 10 or so minutes without the tin foil covering the dish. I like my cheese browned on top a little, you know?

Fajita Day

TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Man o man. Sorry for the lack of anything awesome this week. Last wednesday a friend of mine.. Little Joe and I were playing racquetball. I was bringing the pain on his skills when he decided to return-serve the ball directly into my eye. Lucky for me I was wearing glasses, and although they actually smashed my peeper, it saved my eye. It sucked alot, and hurt.

All better now though! And this monday we hit up Chili’s… yes, Chili’s, for Fajita day! Every monday they sell you a double order of Fajitas for $11, and frozen margaritas (my girlfriends favorite) for $2.50. Now, I may be a total ass about food, but I certainly have a sliding scale of ass to price ratio, and $11 for two for fajitas outweighs going to Chili’s. They are usually pretty decent too, AND they make their own tortilla chips. Especially fun on Monday’s since they go through so many of them, they are usually hot hot hot.

If your in GR stick to the 28th st franchise… The beltline will ruin your life. barf.

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