Seasoning Your Pans

TheFoodAss | General | Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Yesterday I wrote about cooking a steak in wonderful cast iron. Today, I’m going to season a bunch of NEW cast iron. If you can find a pan or two at your local garage or estate sale, your probably set. Old pans will be seasoned from years of cooking and be a magical piece of cookware. I have one of these, it is awesome.

I needed to start my own cast iron legacy though, and my “Back to Basics” cookware was the perfect place to start. Here we go!

Library - 2732.jpg

Warming the pans at 150 to dry and warm them. First I washed them in hot soapy water, but we don’t want non of that water business anymore.

Library - 2733.jpg

Library - 2734.jpg

Library - 2736.jpg

Partially hydrogenated everything. 100% pure trans fat. The best is lard or bacon grease I hear, but I didnt have any of that. You wont find it in my food, but solid fats are the only way to fly when seasoning. Don’t use a liquid oil, your pans will turn out weak.

Library - 2737.jpg

Rub it on, inside and out. Then back in the oven at 250 for a half hour. Take em out, and clear any liquid fat, so they look like this:

Library - 2738.jpg

Then back in the oven for half hour to an hour. Then pull them out, and wipe down to a dull finish like this:

Library - 2739.jpg

1st season is all done. Never wash with soap and water, that will ruin your rad season. Cast gets better with time so stir fry, steak and hash it up!

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