Not Alone In Jetboil Crazy:

TheFoodAss | General | Monday, December 11th, 2006

So, I’m totally not the only person that takes pictures of their Jetboils in the wilderness. Check this search on Flickr for like 50 Jetboil related shots. If you are the type of person that enjoys going outside, or on road trips, or goes anywhere that heat is not readily available. You should totally think about picking one up.

My photo from Mt Rainier, cooking some tasty Idahoan mashed potatoes (no really, they are not bad at all for being dehydrated)


On the beach!

Some people even Roast Garlic on their Jetboils. I love mine so much, for making tasty food not only possible, but fast (boils in 2 minutes) and easy in such remote locations. When did you last French Press your morning coffee at 13,000feet… on a glacier? Or in a Kayak? Or something rad like that.

When I am feeling like it, I will probably post up my recipe for Jetboil lemon pepper tuna steaks with seasoned potatoes.


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