Seasoning Your Pans

TheFoodAss | General | Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Yesterday I wrote about cooking a steak in wonderful cast iron. Today, I’m going to season a bunch of NEW cast iron. If you can find a pan or two at your local garage or estate sale, your probably set. Old pans will be seasoned from years of cooking and be a magical piece of cookware. I have one of these, it is awesome.

I needed to start my own cast iron legacy though, and my “Back to Basics” cookware was the perfect place to start. Here we go!

Library - 2732.jpg

Warming the pans at 150 to dry and warm them. First I washed them in hot soapy water, but we don’t want non of that water business anymore.

Library - 2733.jpg

Library - 2734.jpg

Library - 2736.jpg

Partially hydrogenated everything. 100% pure trans fat. The best is lard or bacon grease I hear, but I didnt have any of that. You wont find it in my food, but solid fats are the only way to fly when seasoning. Don’t use a liquid oil, your pans will turn out weak.

Library - 2737.jpg

Rub it on, inside and out. Then back in the oven at 250 for a half hour. Take em out, and clear any liquid fat, so they look like this:

Library - 2738.jpg

Then back in the oven for half hour to an hour. Then pull them out, and wipe down to a dull finish like this:

Library - 2739.jpg

1st season is all done. Never wash with soap and water, that will ruin your rad season. Cast gets better with time so stir fry, steak and hash it up!

OMG Steak

TheFoodAss | General | Friday, December 29th, 2006

We don’t eat steak alot, not much at all. We decided to have steaks the other night, and I decided to use the Alton Brown method. Which means… Iron. Cast Iron. The second best cooking tool known to man.
Food - 75.jpg

I also made an Outback Steakhouse copycat spice rub, my girlfriend LOVES the Outback.

Words cannot describe the flavors that danced across my tongue. BEST. STEAK. EVAR.

I could sit here for 3 paragraphs talking about the natural juices, and tender moist flavor that melts in my mouth using every fancy food buzzword around. But then, I’d be Michael Chiarello, and I’d hate myself. So here, a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, the picture sucks because I didnt do any of that fancy picture stuff like white balance and what not… you know, because I had already tasted the steak!

Food - 60.jpg


TheFoodAss | General | Friday, December 29th, 2006

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Cape Cod takes care of it’s customers. About 2 months ago I picked up my regular bag of Cape Cod original chips. After tearing into them, and placing them perfectly on the plate next to my sandwich, I crunch down into a weak wuss-chip with little to no flavor. WTF? This isn’t like Cape Cod. This doesn’t bring me back to me salty sea days back east? I am convinced, that somehow, the Cape Cod company has placed reduced fat chips, into my regular labeled bag. I am totally convinced, and completely grossed out. So I e-mail the company.


I am writing cape cod because I believe I have purchased a mis-bagged bag of chips. I bought a bag of traditonal cape cod kettle chips, and inside, I am pretty sure, are cape cod reduced fat chips.

They are lighter, less crunchy/salty and certainly not the same flavor as the original style.

I believe my bag of chips was mis-bagged somehow. I’ve even purchased another bag at another store to compare and they are drastically different.  The code on the front of my bag is NOV1706 H0803D1.

Just wanted to let you know, it would be a bummer if other people bought regulars and got crappy reduced fat, and thought thats what regulars wwere SUPPOSED to taste like. Barf!

The next day, I get a real person e-mail back. Real person!

I’m sorry your recent purchase of Cape Cod Potato Chips was not up to standards.  The information you sent us will help us to investigate the matter.  I would like to send you some replacement coupons if you would forward your mailing address.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.



Thank you,

Farrell Souza
Customer Service
Cape Cod Potato Chips

Now, that’s pretty much the reply I would hope to receive from a company that appreciates actually having customers, but you never know, you know? So a few weeks pass and I receive a letter with some free chips coupons, and some .50cents off coupons. SO STOKED. I love Cape Cod.

Yesterday I got the chance to use my coupons, I used my free chips opportunity to try the Cape Cod Robust Russet variety, so glad I did. Like the back of the bag says (I LOVE back of the bag stories!). The Russet potatoes have a higher sugar content, resulting in a dark, brown chip with a much more complex deep flavor. I totally agree and they are the perfect compliment to my pepper-turkey sandwich on a toasted wheat muffin with chipotle mustard and Penzey’s black and red spice.

Library - 2741.jpg

For some reason, these Russet’s seem like taking my chip consumption up-market, a little something fancy to accompany my sandwich. Thank’s Cape Cod, for not sucking at life like almost EVERY other company on the planet, and keeping me as a customer. I’m glad I still get to eat your chips.

When In Doubt - Clif It Out

TheFoodAss | General | Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Don’t have time to cook something rad? Eat a balanced CLIF bar. The original, and the best. I dig the peanut butter crunch, and the cookies and creme the most. During the summer when I actually get up from chairs and couches and do fun stuff outside, I always have a few stashed somewhere. 78% organic too! lol

Food - 36.jpg

Holiday Potlucks

TheFoodAss | General | Friday, December 22nd, 2006

I used to absolutely despise potlucks… Wait, I still do. It’s like, lets not only hangout with a bunch of people we only marginally enjoy, and eat a bunch of luke-warm crappy “food” that we most certainly do not enjoy whatsoever.

Potlucks are HUGE around the Holidays, how many of you have had at least 1 at the workplace? I’ve had like 3, it ruins my life, and I hide in my office behind my cheaper paper mini-blinds. Listen people, green bean casserole, frozen meatballs with packet gravy and over-greasy pigs in a croissant blanket ARE NOT good food. They are really disgusting food, and your a disgusting person for supplying them. People like me think less of you for showing up with that crap.

Rant aside, a friend of mine throws a bangin’ holiday party. It is a potluck of sorts, but since the majority of the people I associate with do not completely suck, some pretty tasty things make their way to the table. I make mashed potatoes. I LOVE mashed potatoes. So I guess the moral of the story here is, to avoid crappy food, avoid crappy friends. You can quote that if you’d like.

Library - 2476.jpg

Library - 2454.jpg

Library - 2444.jpg

Library - 2422.jpg

Yea, the holidays!

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