Thanksgiving With Me

TheFoodAss | General | Monday, November 27th, 2006

Thanksgiving = One of the best holidays evar. This year I volunteered to cook dinner for my family, at my new place. All told it was my mom and her significant other, my dad and his significant other, my crazy sister, my girlfriend and myself.

We scheduled for Sunday, and by this point, the girlfriend and I had already visited 2 thanksgivings, my mom 1 and so on.. When you’ve got multiple families involved, you get LOTS of turkey.

I decided, since MY dinner was after everyone else’s, I would try to have a little personality in the menu. This is what I prepared:

  • SUPER Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Spanish rubb’d/brined/charred turkey breast
  • Sour Orange Sauce
  • Stuffed acorn squashes

My mom’s brought tasty pumpkin and apple pies. My dad, the red wine for Sangria and some green beans. I stole recipe for the turkey and the sauce from that asshat Bobby Flay (here). I got the idea of stuffing squash from Alton, but he used pork. I used Stove Top Whole Wheat (I LOVE stove top, true story!)
The first thing I noticed, is that squeezing two cups of fresh orange juice by hand SUCKS, and takes like 12 medium oranges.


And using a reamer on that many oranges makes your hands hurt.. alot.


Oh well. Next time I would probably use Simply Orange or something. Anyway, I didn’t snag pics of everything because once I got started on the turkey breast, and the squash and what not, well, it got sorta crazy and I could not snap snap away and cook at the same time. So not alot of piccies for you, my bad.


The final plate (paper, we only own like 6 real ones). I also learned that chimney starters in interior courtyards… well, the smoke does not dissipate quickly.


All in all, it cost $79 to feed 7 +1 plate leftover for a friend of my crazy sister. The turkey was awesome after being brined for 2 hours, and grill charred, and THEN roasted. The squash was good, and even though I didn’t know too much about the sour-orange sauce… It was superb as well. Bobby is totally still an asshat though, I mean, just watch him for a few minutes. Geez.


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