MSG = No

TheFoodAss | General | Saturday, October 7th, 2006

MSG = No

You said it Bejing Kitchen. We got no love for none of that MSG.

EVO Grill Videos

TheFoodAss | General | Saturday, October 7th, 2006

If you read thefoodass often, you will know one of my top 5 or so grill choices is an EVO flat top grill. The kind you see at Mongo BBQ and restaurants like that.

Well I was browsing their website this morning, you know, to get my jollies on some grill porn, and I see they have posted some EVO Grill how-to videos. Pretty good idea, considering that a good chunk of their future customers might not quite understand how awesome this thing is. How sweet would it be to cruise around with this thing in your trunk, and just plop it down in a park and get freak-nasty with some crazy stir fry. So fun.
Anyway, kill some time and check out a few of their cooking how-to videos. (They are on youtube also). The first one sucks, but the other 3 are pretty good. Man, EVO flat top VS original Weber…. what to do.

Crappy New Jersey, NYC trying to ban trans fats:

TheFoodAss | General | Friday, October 6th, 2006

Listen, I am as anti hydrogenated crap as the next dude. I scan all ingredients and dont eat anything with it listed. Freaks me right out. But I dont need THE MAN telling me what I can and can’t eat either.

I had heard about NYC lawmakers trying to ban hydrogenated oils last week or something, and it seems to be catching on. This time in New Jersey:

New Jersey Lawmakers Want To Ban Cooking Oil:

“This is something that could rally take a bite out of the problem of obesity, diabetes, anything that is related to the epidemic of obesity,” said Karcher, D-Monmouth.

You want to know what else could take a bite out of the obesity problem? People not being completely retarded about their food choices. Do a little label reading, and get off the couch fatties! Geez.

Have a healthy (not) lunch

TheFoodAss | General | Friday, October 6th, 2006

Panera is one of those crazy places where all knowledge and reason dissapear. You walk in to the sight of fresh breads, crazied employees whipping up tasty looking salads and pressing fresh crunchy sandwiches on the panini grill’s…. They have an excellent marketing team reaching millions of yuppies, wanna-be hipsters and just-dropped-the-kids-off-at-daycare housewives around the nation, with their “Bakery Cafes”. Dont be fooled though, Panera is just as corporate crappy fast food as the rest of em’

Panera may not have a deep fryer in sight, but most of their miniature-sized sandwiches pack a larger calorie punch than a Big Mac. Lets analyze.

The couple times I have visited my local Panera franchise, I had the Chicken Caesar Sandwich, and a seasonal offering they do not offer anymore. The sandwich tasted pretty good, but was UBER small, about 1/3 of what I expect from a sandwich. It also broke the bank. It also had 750 Calories, 32 grams fat (9 saturated) and 2020mg sodium (84% DV). Quite the dense little sandwich for seeming so small, and made out of chicken. That bread must be a killer.

So then I took a look at some other sandwiches:

  • Italian Combo Sandwich: 1100 calories, 56g/fat, 20g/saturated fat (that’s 100% daily value folks… good luck eating anything else today) and 3200mg sodium (133%)!!
  • Tuscan Chicken Sandwich: 740cal/30g/1570mg
  • Pepperblue Steak: 900cal/42g/2060mg
  • Sierra Turkey Sandwich: 960cal/53g/2310mg… It’s a fricken turkey sandwich! Jesus.
  • McDonalds Big Mac: 590cal/30g/1010mg sodium

The Big Mac is by far the healthiest choice out of all the Panera sandwiches. Obviously their marketing works, anytime you go in one of their “Bakery Cafes” they are filled with women that think they know, but dont. These are the same people that somehow think a Bacardi and Diet Coke is less calories than a beer (It’s not, they are almost exactly the same… but it’s so hard to find out)
I encourage you to look for yourself. That goes for all restaurants, I think you would be suprised at what you find when you always know what your eating. Panera is most certainly not worth those calories, so I advise leaving your baked good needs to a REAL bakery, and eating a sandwich from a real sandwich shop. Or home. Whatever.

Quesadilia Burger OMG end me:

TheFoodAss | General | Thursday, October 5th, 2006

I was under the impression that the Applebee’s Quesadilia Burger; you know, the one that the TV is constantly telling me to eat, is one of the worst examples of processed chain food products the world over. Barf city.

Applebee’s was probably thinking like this. “Well, we make marginal hamburgers, and sub-par quesadilias…. perhaps if we combine two mediocre products, we will get one decent one!”

So nasty.

Of course, I get a kick out of these corporate foodstuff abominations. But like always, I am not suprised to find examples of people out there in the world, that dont’ believe Applebee’s is the worst possible example of what our countries corporate food supply has become. There are people that truely enjoy them, and even consider something produced in the Applebee’s “kitchen” worth writing home about. Yipes.

Grub Scout: Applebee’s is muy bueno

Well, I guess he is from Tennesee. So what do you expect?

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