The Great Grill Search

TheFoodAss | General | Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Right now, I live in my car.

My clothes are in a bin in the backseat. My grill, a bag of charcoal, toolbox, and 15qt saucepan… in the trunk. My biking gear.. backseat also. My bike? The roof, usually. Do I REALLY not have a home? No, I live with my mom.I moved out of my sweet apartment, and back in with moms after going broke from my first year of trying to be a professional rally driver… Really, I mean I sleep at my moms house. I have “lived” there since the end of 2003, and I can 100% honestly say, I have never used the kitchen.
Why? I just dont like it. It is 30 miles from work, my girlfriends, and everything else cool. I just dont have time to go there that often when anything I want to do is back in town. So instead, I keep almost all my stuff in my car. Or in the girlfriends garage… Until she puts it back in my car.

For this reason, I havent invested in a grill. I have been making-do with a tiny SmokeyJoe that fits in my backseat, and mooching off of friends and neighbors grills. All fun and games for sure, except a friends house never has clean grates, or is ALWAYS propane, and of course they only have “light” olive oil etc.. etc.. etc..

Luckily for me, the time has come to move BACK out of my moms place, and into my own condo (with the girlfriend). We have a private courtyard, and it is BEGGING for the ultimate urban altar to outdoor culinaryism (sp?).

I’m stuck though. Double edged sword so-to-speak. I want to make a large investment in the proper flamebox I have been wanting for so long.. but I’m poor, alot. I’m willing to get spendy if it is totally worth it, but I have been able to crank out some pretty decent meals on my $19 clearance mini-kettle.. Do I need to drop it like it’s hot on a $800+ Big Green Egg?

Here is my Grills Gone Wild Shortlist (from cheapest for most expensive):

1: Classic Weber One-Touch Gold (With accessories): Classic. American. Grill. Extremely versatile, durable and cheap! Lots of neat accessories. Like a little meat searing friend always ready for a good time. About $175 with lid holder.

Weber OneTouch

2: Weber Performer: More storage and prep area, which is nice. Tuck away lid holder. Gas charcoal ignition system.. ehh I dunno. There is something just right in the world when using a charcoal chimney. I hate to give that up. $300ish

3: A ceramic cooker (Big Green Egg, Primo etc): Supposedly heaven with coals. Ceramic holds LOTS of heat in, you can get a solid 700 degrees I hear. I dig that, I LOVE heat.

4: Wildcard choice. The Evo Flat Top Grill: This thing really isnt a typical grill per say, but it is still so totally awesome I have to consider it. They have a portable version too! Expensive though.

Give me feedback. What would YOU buy?

I can’t wait for thanksgiving this year.. I’m going to grill the wildest craziest thanksgiving dinner you’ve ever seen. I :::heart::: thanksgiving!

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