Ikea Herb Salmon

TheFoodAss | Restaurant Reviews | Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006


Ok, ok. Two days on Ikea, so kill me.

We stopped at the Ikea cafe and I picked up the herb roasted salmon for $5.99. It is a salmon filet, steamed veggies and some redskin potatoes. The salmon was pretty decent, certainly light years ahead of any other “fast food” and comparable to chain-a-rama America sitdown $12.99 salmon.

Good deal. $13 for me and the girlfriend (She had a mozz tomato panini and macaroni and cheese + drinks and a piece of blueberry cake)

Ikea Cast Iron?

TheFoodAss | Deals | Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

I was at Ikea last night, and I noticed a new line of cookware available. These are heavy, enamled cast iron pots and pans that remind me ALOT of Le Creuset products. They have a bright enameled exterior, and the interior appears to be a more natural cast iron, but not as rough as say a Lodge cast iron piece.
None the less, they are CHEAP. Well, compares to high end brands, they are quite cheap. The 5qt casserole was $39.99 I believe, compared to a high end piece which comes in around $189.99 at cooking.com. For me, the high price stuff just isnt an option right now. I am sure it is great quality and will last forever, but I dont have 190 bucks to drop on a pretty colored pan.

Compared to other Ikea cookware, they are pretty pricey. But when you sell pots and pans for $1.99, anything is going to look pricey. I didnt get a chance to pick any up becauase it turns out thefoodass.com isnt filling my back pocket with the Benjamins . Someone grab some and let us know.

Edit: I just found them on the Ikea website. The big casserole is $49, not $39 like I  posted above. My bad. Still it’s $140 cheaper than the high zoot brand.

Thisnext.com Shopcast

TheFoodAss | General | Monday, August 21st, 2006

I’ve added a thisnext.com shopcast over there on the right. It is called “Thefoodass.com Top 10″ (But it only shows 3/10). Since I talk about products alot, I have made a list of the top 10 foodass.com must have items. These are the things you cant really live without. Works pretty mint so far. Thisnext.com is a new site, so we will see how it goes.

Organic Peanut Butter:

TheFoodAss | Grocery Reviews | Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Most of us already know that your standard mass-market peanut butter is filled with crap… hydrogenated crap. But perhaps you like the sweeter taste of the sweetened, stable, corporate peanut butter. Fair enough, “Natural” peanut butter does taste just like, well, peanuts. I dig the mellow peanut flavor, but sometimes, I also want something a little sweeter on my muffin. Enter Smuckers Natural with Honey. It is a natural peanut butter so only four ingredients (Peanuts, Honey, Sugar, Salt), and it seperates like natural pb’s do.

What some may find worthwhile is it’s sweeter, smoother taste and texture. It is very smooth, with a fine grainy type texture to it. A little natural sweetness too.

Pretty good, if you dont want real, manly, crunchy natural peanut butter. Give it a try, if you like that sort of thing.

Bounty: Travel Size

TheFoodAss | Gear Reviews | Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

In short? Awesome. As you may or may not know, I do almost all of my cooking away from home (I dont have one actually, a home that is). I often cook up a storm at friend’s houses, parks and beaches.

The girlfriend recently found this while shopping for our upcoming camping trip. Bounty travel sized. What a great idea, a small travel sized paper towel roll. A couple benefits:

  • No center cardboard tube, so you actually get alot of paper towel
  • Comes in a little dispenser, so you dont ruin the whole roll when you drop a chicken breast on it.

The only real bummer people may find is that it is kinda expensive compared to cheap regular paper towel. $1.79 for one roll instead of $3.29 for like 6… I’ve used it on multiple camping trips, and local “cooking” trips as well. Works great, doesn’t take up alot of room, no bulky paper towel mess. Sold.

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