Labor Day Weekend:

TheFoodAss | General | Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Well, Labor Day weekend is upon us. Personally, I will be off in Canada’s wilderness somewhere. I am quite aware of the fact that many of you will be grilling food this weekend, so let me leave you with some tips for your backyard culinary exploits.

  1. If the bun has a smooth top, it is crap, not a bun. This works for Hotdog buns, Hamburgers and so on.
  2. Hamburgers should taste like meat.
  3. Hotdogs should taste like meat, preferably beef. Buy the kosher all beef dogs.
  4. You aren’t “BBQ’ing” unless your smoking pork shoulder or beef ribs or something. Hamburgers and Hotdogs ARE NOT BBQ. This isnt fricken rocket science.
  5. Make philly cheesesteaks on the grill. They taste good.
  6. If you poke a bratwurst with a fork, you deserve no place on this planet.
  7. Ketchup RUINS HOTDOGS as far as I, Chicago, and the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council are concerned.
  8. Lite beer isnt beer, and doesnt save you enough calories to be worth drinking it. Here is an idea. Put your beer cooler 25 yards from you. This way, it is a 50 yard walk for every beer. You’ll work off those extra 30 calories per serving easy. You will be essentially “drinking” lite beer without having to taste it! Awesome!

Have fun. Don’t drink and drive, and dont drink and vblog where your employer can see it!


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