Yellow mustard is disgusting. Ok?

TheFoodAss | Grocery Reviews | Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Seriously. How standard, gross, yellow mustard became the de-facto mustard in the U.S, I’ll never know. Probably because it is cheap, and for some reason, Americans think cheap = good enough.

I refused to eat mustard (it was on my banned condiments list, along with ketchup) for most of my youth, simply because yellow mustard tastes like total ass. That’s unfortunate, because it is the variety forced on all of us in our youth, via happy meals, crappy family reunions and squeeze packets (unless maybe you live in Wisconsin). I wonder how many people grow up like me, not appreciating mustard? Simply because they’ve only tasted the crap yellow stuff.
Koops Spicy Brown Mustard

If your going to be eating, it should be something good. Especially a condiment like Mustard, with the sole purpose of adding additional post cooking flavor to your meal. If you cant afford an extra $1 for a good bottle of mustard, you need a better job.

My reccomendation for BASIC good mustard?

Koops Spicy Brown (Or any Koops really)

I was in Wisconsin once, a couple years back. If you know Wisconsin, you know they take their bratwursts pretty seriously. They dont dick around with sausauge. They also dont screw around with the mustard they top them with. Koops was always available at the bratwurst dining table. Now I buy it, It’s cheap, it’s good on TONS of stuff besides brats, it’s available anywhere you’d want to buy food, and it is lightyears ahead of the tumeric filled yellow crap bottle.


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