How I lost 41lbs from January to March

TheFoodAss | General, Life | Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Ok, you may think this is a little crazy coming from a website entirely about food and it’s prep. Afterall, food makes you fat. Especially really good food, right?

So why am I talking about losing weight? Because, maintaining a proper weight and fitness level are probably the most important things you can strive for in life. When you dont feel like a big fat ass you are better at everything. You’ve heard it all before, and obviously you dont need to hear the benefits again, it just plain rocks.

So why am I talking about it? Because, food is the gatekeeper to eternal happiness, and the reason for it all.

Your fat: Food

Your skinny: Food

You cant get up the steps before the fone stops ringing: Food

You suck in the sack: Food!!

Food is the fuel for everything. I love good food, I LOVE it. I love fricken mostacolli. I love pizza and calzones, wet burritos and deep fried mexican style tacos. The key is finding the proper balance between calorie intake, and calorie expenditure. Thats ALL there is too it. Everything else you ever hear or read is total crap. If you eat 2,600 calories a day, and burn 2,600 calories a day, you break even. No weight gain, none lost. If you eat 5,000 calories a day because you eat total crap (like I used too), and burn 1,500 because your completely lazy. Well Sir or Madamn. You’ve just gained a solid pound, today. That’s because, 3500 calories equal approximately 1 pound. Burn 3500 more than you eat, lose a pound. Eat 3500 more than you burn, gain a pound. Simple math.

Flashbackward to December 2005. I’m 6′1″ and about 221lbs (I’m a dude, if you dont know that yet). That’s overweight.. alot. In fact, it is just a hair below obese by Body Mass Index standards. I feel like crap, look like crap and take way too many weird crap’s. My whole bod is outta whack.

After a bit of research I decide to cut my calories from 4000 crappy one’s, to a solid 1,800-2,400 calories from (mostly) healthier sources. I also COMPLETELY eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), because it’s the devil. Coke OUT. 2 liters of water a day IN.

So, throughout January I eat…. Burrito’s, Sandwiches, Pizza’s and other tasty carb filled goodies. There is no reason to ruin your life by eating total crap. Instead of a personal pan pizza and 3 breadsticks with 2 coke refills for lunch, I’d hit 2 solid slices of local pizza. Effectively cutting my calories consumed by 2/3. I’m not going to give up some of the best pleasures known to man. But I DID decide to reduce their intake.. What happened? I felt ALOT better immediately. This is with minimal excersize, just a reduction in calories.

At this point I wasnt thinking about whole grains VS processed or any of that business, JUST calories. I’d look at the labels for EVERYTHING. Plan my meals ahead of time online (still from fast food, and restaurants.. remember, I dont have a home, and eat out 3-4x/day) and keep rough count of my daily calories.

By the beginning of February 10lbs were gone. I felt ALOT better.

In February I started eating healthier as well. Whole weat english muffins instead of white (And not Thomas, ingredient #3 = HFCS). Less processed fast food. More Subway/Jimmy Johns and less McDonalds. Oh, of course I still eat at all the dirty places. I just manage it better. By the end of February 15 more lbs were gone.

By the end of March.. Another 15. I’m now a solid 40lbs lighter than I was in December. I’m fricken unstoppable. I’ve added in lots of fun activities. Mountain Biking, Hiking, all that crap. Not to lose weight (I have food for that), but to improve my overall health.

In fact, in May, I had to conciously INCREASE my caloric intake beyond what I was eating. I was losing more weight than I wanted too, dropping into the low 170’s. All because of food.

I’ve since switched to maintenance mode. I eat fried ice cream with the chick (we share, half the cals that way), and everything else I want. I just drastically limit the amount of total crap that goes into my body, and put a total block on the ultra corporate cheap processed junk. (HFCS, Hydrogenated whatever, and the scary preservatives). I now eat a solid 2,800-3,200 cals/day. Which coincides with my current activity level. My weight is rock solid at 178.

Stop dicking around, and eat proper. No more worries. If your a fricken baloon, it’s no ones fault but your own. You choose what you grab with that meaty paw of yours and stuff down your gullet. I know, I was there in December.


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